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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Hi ladies! I've been MIA on here for awhile. Just can't keep up!

Mer - I think you're a wonderful pregnant lady Sorry your DDC is being tumultuous.

Elena - is any of the flooding in MB effecting you all? I've been lurking the DDC and birth story forums too Not the right time right now Seriously. I told DH that when I'm done my classes we can consider it, which is more of a compromise than what it was before (straight out no!)

Tam - I think Jul's suggestion of kenneling the dogs is a really good one. It won't lead you to resent your DH through them while he's gone

SO, I had my first therapist appointment yesterday. Not really sure where this all is going to go. She said DH is really negative and so am I. and she's right - as soon as I got home all Michael could do is say 'what is she going to tell you that I haven't already told you?" blah blah blah. When I asked him what he was so upset about with this he replied, "I don't want her to fix you if I can't". He is not good with words at all and everything he's trying to say is usually muddled in some sort of immature/selfish phrasing. But I really don't know how this is going to help. Are you depressed if you are just never happy? I can laugh for a minute or think 'that was fun' but if you asked me when my last 'good day' was I couldn't tell you. And times when I"m trying to find the good in things instead of the bad always feel so contrived. It's not that I really think "that was good" I think, "Well, by analyzing the circumstances, I suppose that was good, so I'll focus on that."

Anyway, not much to report on that end of things. Just trying to figure out if what I have is fixable by just talking to someone about it or if I do need medication to make things more reasonable for myself.
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