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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I was able to figure it out after a bit!
I would seriously be getting rid of the dogs. If they're the cause of this much stress for you they're just not worth it. No matter how much your DH wants or likes them. Period. If he really did choose dogs over you/marriage/family - is he really even worth it himself?
I lol'ed at Jul's post, but I agree with her - door/gate left open and "oops" sorry DH.
I agree with her too about the dehumidifier for your basement - do you have one down there? We bought one when we bought our house and it's still going strong. It doesn't run much through the fall/winter/spring, but it's going near constantly in the summer. We have to empty it 2-3x a day for a couple weeks when it gets really humid here. But it makes a huge difference down there.
More I'm sorry things are going so rough for you.

AFM: I knew this AF would be rotten. Yesterday wasn't terrible, but so far today I'm soaking through a super tampon every 2hrs. I'm hoping tomorrow isn't as heavy cuz I have our MOTS mother's day party and I want to be able to enjoy it! Last night every dream involved me bleeding through everything while being somewhere out in public/around people I didn't know, having to deal with all that. Ugh.

I've been debating trying a cup - anyone tried one? I never realized there were so many different kinds and I have no clue which would be best to try for myself. I can get only the diva cup actually here in canada, though I could get others from online. I wonder if I should start with that though? It seems like either a love or hate it, from what I've read. But maybe I would be one of the ones who it worked for and would love it - then I wouldn't have to worry about the others, lol.

We found out last night that my BIL and his wife are having a girl in the summer! I'm a little bit jealous, but only a little. I do believe we'll have another girlie some day. They are planning to name her Naomi. Kinda meh on that, but I'm sure it'll suit her just perfectly.
We actually have a fairly new dehumidifier that was given to us from the people that Guy sold their house...(sorry I can't think...more later) I would plug it in but I am not 100% sure if it will turn off on its own. I don't know where to hook it up to drain either. Guy is too busy with all the houses he is selling to do anything with ours!

Guy WONT get rid of the dog. No way no how. I told him he needed to choose and he said "of course I choose you" so I told him he has to go. Yeah right...he tells me what I want to hear but really never follows thru. He is going to take him to a kennel while he is gone for the two weeks. So that is good. Now I just need to keep him from putting him on the couch. He says that he fell asleep and the stupid thing jumped up there and he didn't get him off.
I have never even thought about using a cup. :shrug:

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
Tam: forget leaving the door open..."I was gone one night and this crazy pregnant woman from diaperswappers stole them!" then it's SO not your fault And I agree with Elena, if DH will choose a dog over you I don't know if he's worth your time. You deserve to be happy, and if the dogs are causing problems then they need to go - particularly since you DH gets deployed on a regular basis.
Mer I wish I could BUT he jumps the fence (I don't care and dont bother looking for him) our neighbors find him and bring him right back. He is so friendly and will jump into anyones car to go for a ride. He got out this morning and our neighbor brought him back. The thing that makes me mad is then I have to deal with the people bringing him back and "scolding" me for him getting out. We live on a busy street so he could get hit by a car. That is my only hope! I keep telling Dh that he HAS to get the invisible fence BUT he is like usual too busy.

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
So I don't like my new due date group...they are being super, um, b&*&#$&*#@ and it's kind of annoying. We've been preggo for like two months and there is no love there, no support really either. They got into a fight because someone wanted to get rid of her dog because it isn't working and another mama tore into her and in a mean way and basically every time someone said something she kept saying "I will let this die, I don't hold grudges" but she kept needing to have the last word and posted that sentence like a dozen times. Anyway they are really mean to each other in general, and I know that some people click more then others - just like a year down the road some of us post more then others and some of us are FB friends bla bla bla...I wasn't expecting sunshine and happiness all the time - but DH is deployed, I am hella crazy pregnant lady, my family is being a pain, and what I thought was going to help (support from ladies who are pregnant at the same time as me) just makes me more depressed. Anyway I like you ladies because you all are beyond awesome, and I started posting in the knitters and spinners daily chat and they are pretty cool...I think I'm just venting again....I suck at being pregnant lol.
Mer I am sorry the new DDC sucks. I agree...come here and vent. I am a horrible pregnant lady and lately it feels like when I was preggers and a beep.

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Mer!!! just post to us like we are preggo too and we will respond like we are I still rem how it was with Kailani, so I could play along . I feel so blessed, I have you all (what about 10 of us on FB/here) and my DDC from TBW (about 12 of us) and it is a lifesaver. When my kids were babies, I had a lot of support IRL (now I am in this weird spot with older kids and babies) and the internet was just starting. I did have an email group (but this was dial-up) for my son's SPD and that was a huge support as well.

Tam, seriously, I hate to be a beish, but ita with mer and elena. Tell him it's the dogs or you all. And the dogs will be gone when he gets back. Sure, he may try to blame stuff on you, why can't you deal with it, etc, etc. SO WHAT! he knows you have trouble dealing with it, so he needs to respect that. He can't change how you feel. I understand compromise, so this would be mine: 1. dh cleans up after, feeds, walks, etc the dogs. 2. they don't get on the furniture (you clean the house, right? so you are the one de-hairing the furniture). 3. when he is deployed, the dogs get kenneled. no matter for how long. What does he get out of it? He gets to keep his wife and his fn dogs! Elena, on AF. congrats on the baby girl in the fam (hey you already have a girl, so don't be too jealous ). my SIL just had a baby boy 9lb 10oz in SC and he has an almost 2 yr old sis. My mom came over today to see pics online (they have dial-up, and I don't think she even knows how to turn on the computer!)

The cup- I thought about it. I even had the gal at the local health food store order me one, but I never got it. I always worry about the stem. I know you can cut it, but I am really little there. I mean, really. I have used sea pearls, the japanese sea sponges and I loved them (I just need more). And I got some mama tampons a few months ago, but I IMMEDIATELY lost the pkg when I opened it and haven't found them yet!

Off to do...idk, I need to do some baking but I am feeling lazy as per usual
This is what he says he will usual. Tell me what I want to hear and never follow thru. he does it to shut me up.

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Yup, exactly. The dogs need to be all his responsibility if he's the one wanting them. Nothing for you to have to deal with at all.

Do you mean the DD group on here? That's too bad. I think different people click and some don't, that's life. But it would be nice to have a group that clicked, for sure. No worries about posting to us! We'll always listen and give a or advice if we can!

That's a great compromise idea, Jul! That way it wouldn't be any issue for Tamara, other than generally having the dogs in the house - which I do understand even that is extra work, but better than what's happening now.

I'm not too upset about AF or anything. I'm kinda glad it showed when it did, cuz I was getting closer and closer to wanting to test just to check. Now I know. Although I'm incredibly exhausted and nauseated at times... and keep thinking back to Isaac's pregnancy (didn't find out I was pregnant until after 12d of heavy bleeding). Meh. If I happen to still feel like this after the bleeding stops I'll test to be sure, lol. I was so tired today I had to take a half hour nap with Levi - just could not keep my eyes open! (that would not be a normal thing for me, ftr)

I know we have a girl, but I want an itty newbie girl again! She'll come to us some day. I wish we were close to DH's family so we could see them all and really get to know our little nephews and this new baby when she comes.
Hmm... I have to think more about the cup. I just don't want to shell out the $$ and then not like it. They're kinda pricey to buy and try.

AFM: Oy, I so need to go make supper. Nachos... I think. Blah.
Yum I love nachos.

AFM: my doc switched my meds again and this one isn't working. Now I have this horrible nervous twitchy feeling. I am just praying it is out of my system soon! When I was younger I did some ummm expeirmenting with know...not men but bad stuff. So this feels like when I did them which brings back a ton of bad memories. So now I feel really tweeked out and I HATE it! I am trying to eat alot to absorb it. therefore my mind is racing and I can't type as fast as my mind is going. Excuse all the typos and what not and the sentences that probably don't make sense.

Dh sold another house in 6 days and then another one was bought and sold in about 2 hours. The man wanting to sell knocked on Dh's DH took his buyers, they loved it shook on it and now all 3 houses will close end of may!!!! Dh said that when the house closes he will get the playroom fixed. But I am not hopeful...once again tells me what I want to hear.

I am bugging him to get my an IPAD. Like I need it just want it.

It is going really well with Anthony's school and I find myself less irritated with him.

We are going in June to texas to tube on a river and all of texas is in a drought. My mom said it hasn't rained in 6 months...we may be walking the stupid river....
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