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Re: Guess when you will deliver :)

How funny we have the same due date and guessed the same day!

Originally Posted by momnixon View Post
Um, my first was 2 days after his due date, my second was 5 days before, but he was OP so that could be why he came a little early.... plus we could never get his dates right since I'd never started AF after DS1. So who knows WHEN he was ACTUALLY due. Soooo I dunno.

I'd rather this one wasn't t-giving day, but only because our Christmas baby was a HUGE hassle 'cause everyone wanted to still celebrate the holiday despite me having a new baby, so we had a TON of family around for several days and it was a madhouse... when all I wanted to do was schnuggle my baby. BUT the huge plus of it being right at thanksgiving is that the hospital is happy with you leaving early 'cause they're short-staffed for the holiday, so at christmas we got out in just over 24 hours. Which was great.

So, my official guess is.... I dunno the 19th or 20th.
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