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Re: May 2, 3, & 4 Chat

Originally Posted by smblake View Post
You guys are all so cute - I would LOVE a plate of cookies right now, not really needed but boy do they sound good

First off, I felt pretty bad, dh didn't expect me to ask her to look again, and he was bummed that I knew... but I sort of retorted that last month he gave me the okay and never gave me a reason to believe he had changed his mind. But after some kind words from both of us, he asked to know .

So... onto the exciting answer!!!

It's a GIRL!!! I am really happy, a boy would have been amazing as well, but I'm looking forward to getting to know something different, dh is nervous about raising a daughter. He admitted that he hoped we'd have a girl some day, he just wasn't sure if he felt ready , well, seeing as how we have no say in this, I guess he will just have to get ready fast. I reminded him that they all start out as innocent babies and we have time before the adolescent drama starts .

So what a joy it will be to welcome precious Mary Esther to our family in August
I found it =) I had tears in my eyes reading what you posted. It reminded me of when I found out Sarah was a girl {after 2 boys}. Girls are different but a lot of fun. I am so OVERLY happy for you!! If we lived close enough, I would give ya a big ol' hug and take you shopping!! I am SOOO glad you found out. BTW, her name is beautiful =)
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