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Question Pricing advice ...?

OK, I'd rather ask you ladies since I think I'll get more consistent feedback from you ...

Here's the deal: I've been using the Thirsties Hemp Jersey PF's for a few months, and while I like them, DH has requested that we go all AIO and fitted since we'll be diapering two. The hemp jersey is AWESOME in terms of softness, a dense and durable knit (with respect to regular wear) with incredible absorbency. However, they clearly weren't made with pinning or snappi-ing in mind. There are "pin holes" (most of them just a mm in diameter with a couple at 2-3 mm) at the two back corners and then where they fasten in the front (I typically do a modified jelly roll). Most of them have some very light staining, but no stink issues. The stitching and the general area (barring where they fasten) are in EUC.

So, because of the pinholes only, I'd place them teetering between fair and good used condition. I do want to make something off of them despite PP fees and shipping (they are pretty heavy at 5 oz/each).

WWYD for price point? They retail (on average) for $7/each plus shipping. I don't think it would be cost-effective to sell them singly ... do you think $3/each for 3-8, $2.50/each for 9 or more (ppd, of course) sounds fair and appropriate?

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