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Re: Pricing advice ...?

Originally Posted by Havah View Post
Thanks mama! I thought $5/per was a tad steep as I paid that for a dozen of them like new from a mama here. My camera's also disagreeable about close-ups, so I want to be sure buyers don't feel "cheated" (we all know different people have different definitions of "fair," "good," and "small (with respect to holes).

We actually got away from pockets - DH requested "as simple as possible" with a cesarean looming and 2 kids in diapers. We'll be doing AIO's for day and fitteds w/ doublers and wool at night. But marketing them as "stuffins" is a great plug!
As long as you post pictures and accurate descriptions, I think it's a good starting point. I've never sold anything for what I was asking for it anyway, people always make offers for a couple dollars less, no matter how fair the original price is.
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