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Re: Morning sickness already!!

I'm guessing that I'm somewhere around 5-6 weeks (we will know for sure Tuesday) and I've been feeling queasy the past week. Today has been pretty much all day. It hasn't been severe but just enough to give me that 'blah' feeling and like something is coming on.

All of my pregnancies have been very different. The morning sickness started super early with my first but it was not all the time. My second was every morning and predictable. I would vomit every morning after breakfast and then fine the rest of the day. My youngest was the worst. I was sick ALL the time from around 8 weeks all the way to 25 or so weeks. I had to take zofran or I would end up with an IV in the er. I'm praying that this one is mild. It's going to be hard enough trying to keep up with my 5, 4, and 1 year old with the exhaustion.
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