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Pull-Up type diapers?

So my 19 month old is the king of diaper tantrums!! He has cried almost every time his diaper has been changed since the day he was born to begin with, but now the tantrums and fights lead to all out wrestling matches.... and with my 8 month preggo belly in the way, he usually wins!!

So I bought Pampers pull ups on a whim, thinking it had been easier to change him standing up at times, so just maybe these might work.... and they do. He loves them, he steps right in and helps me pull them up.
(As oppose to running, hiding in the corner, me dragging him out, and wrestling him down...) So we are definitely onto something here....

So today I presnapped a KatyDid pocket and had him step in. It worked, he put the diaper on just great!!! So here's the question, are there any other diapers that are more like pull-ups than regular diapers? We are still needing diapers, not necessarily just trainers... although we practice alot on the potty, but no where close to potty training.

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