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Re: August 2010 Babies- April/May Chat

Originally Posted by rmrassi View Post
thats really cool to hear.

I wish I had known about this website while I was pregnant, I could have really used the support and friendship.

My little Ben was born August 11, 2010. He is now eating solid foods, crawling and pulling up to stand on everything. He makes some sounds, but no real words yet. We sign and speak Chinese and Japanese to him, so we'll see.

Big sister Maria (April 25, 2002) is a great helper, but the sibling rivalry jealousy thing is going on. I think she is at a point where she feels like bad attention is better than no attention at all. Definitely need more one on one time with her, but hard to do that with no time to myself...

Its nice to know there are places out here where we can get together and talk about our lives and children. I've been pretty isolated from society for aver 10 years now (military wife, college, other issues) so I really appreciate that there are forums like this.
Hi! I agree, these forums are a great outlet. We used to have an actual August 2010 forum and it was more active. But they always bump you when the next year's moms start getting positive tests.

My August 2010 baby was due August 10th but was born on July 3rd (after 4 weeks of hospital bedrest). He had some issues in the first 6 months with digestion and hitting his physical milestones, but now he has caught up and you wouldn't even know he was a preemie by the looks of him.

Feel free to post here as often as you want. I check frequently as I miss the August 2010 mama's discussions.
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