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Re: Is it possible to fit 2 carseats in a Mini Cooper?

I posted a while ago pictures of Evenflo Symphony and a Britax Roundabout in my convertible MINI. I love my car! I had a nasty accident a few years ago and my car would have driven away if not for the radiator being busted. If I had been in my old Civic I would have had a crushed car. They are really well built cars. I will say it would be a bit tricky to get the little one in, but I have gotten used to it with one seat. I learned to put DS in over the top of the seat, instead of going in the side.

Overall it can be done, but can take some extra fiddling. I have zero plans to get a new car but if I did I would probably go Clubman or the Countryman. DH has even toyed with trading his Element in for a bigger MINI and being a two MINI family. We love them and the gas mileage is great too

ETA here is the link to pictures

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