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Re: Is it possible to fit 2 carseats in a Mini Cooper?

Dh just got a new car and really, really wanted the mini. We took ds seat to the dealer with us, but it was a PITA trying to get him in & out of the seat. We have a Britax 70 still RFing, and the seat would fit, but we couldn't get ds into his seat from the same side of the car his seat was on. His seat was on the passenger side, but we had to load him up from the driver's side because there was no access with the seat RFing. We didn't see anyway it'd work with 2 seats RFing. We looked at the countryman, but they are in really high demand, and our dealer won't even let you test drive unless you are buying the car.

If your dh would only have to deal with it once a rare while, then it may be fine, but there was no way we'd go with the mini for an everyday occurrence with the carseats & I'm just not sure how it'd work at all with 2 RFing seats.

Ultimately, Dh got a VW gold TDI & loves it!
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