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Re: questions about the e-z-on 86y

thats true (esp when 3 are in carseats, lol!) but i think i understand what she's saying....the safest seated child should be in the least safe spot, which would be the front seat.
but if i got this tether she'd probably be the safest one in that seat, being harnassed and being the biggest, but i suppose maybe a kid in a carseat would be safest up there since it has the impact protection that the harnass wouldnt
so if for some reason i couldn't get this harness i should put my 65lb 5.5yo who would be in the regent up front? and then when the baby switches to the marathon, i figure nik'll be about 4.5by then, then he should be in the regent and abs would go back in the backseat in the booster seat....?
and if you're wondering i have a marathon and regent by my dad getting them as birthday/christmas gifts two yrs in a row
how much was it? and what do you mean by 'top tether anchor'? i have an suv so the tether hookup is in the back in the trunk area on the ground. is the tether kit to place a tether anchor in your car, or just reinforce the one thats already there? cause if its just to reinforce whats there id hafta get an anchor installed for the middle seat
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