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Re: Should I stay home?

Oh, honeychild, lord have mercy, go take a vacation!!!!!

I feel like the answer should be quite clear, because you already answered it: "I'm sick of putting everyone else's family/kids before my own. " Then DON'T. From what you are saying, you will still be able to survive with only one job, so it is clear to me that if it is surviveable, then you should do it. My guess is not only will YOU be happier, but so will your daughter.

I can understand not wanting to be in debt! But you gotta take on one thing at a time. How in tarnation did you plan on working 84 hours while preggo???? I would drop the job that pays less or the job that offers less benefits. But, let me ask you this: it seems to me that working as a nanny would offer some family-in-mind flexibility. Can you not bring DD with you??

And just one other thing. I think you need to remind yourself that your question isn't really, "should I stay home?". It's "should I work to support my family or work way too much?" Don't negate how hard you're working. If you drop one job, you'll still be full time at the other, right? Don't let yourself or anybody else diminish that!

to you. I can tell you are stressed. But I know for certain that when I remove some stress in my life, I'll be so much better for it.
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