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Re: Should I stay home?

awww mama thats so tough. I was in the same boat prior to having my baby in Jan. I was working many overnights and my DH would work during the day so I would go off of no sleep to take care of my 3 year old. But it was not only sleep I was missing out on. I would put my 3 year old in front of the TV and lay on the couch with him because I had no energy to get up. I had a mini breakdown like your having when I was pregnant. It was so hard doing it and but for me to switch to days would mean daycare costs which would have made it not worth working. I have a ton of student loan debt still (30,000) and other debt too. After having this baby I took on alot of medical bills (2,000) too. We are still playing catch up with winter utility bills. I switched to only working around 20 hours a week after I had the baby. I remember feeling well rested on maternity leave when most moms are tired from being up so much with a newborn. It by far is the BEST thing I did. We are not in the best boat financially but I finally get to enjoy my children but still able to work to bring in money. I think it is more important to be with your family and give them the things you want vs. getting more money. We have our entire lives to work but our children are only little once. You will still beable to pay down debt but not at the rate you were thinking. I hope you can find peace in the choice you make.
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