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Re: Megaroos!

Originally Posted by ggill View Post
Ooh I love my megaroos!!! I dont have any pics but can try to get some...we have 16 or 18 premiums, love them all! Trim, absorbent and I can PIN them Cant wait to let the boys run around in their megaroos and Ts this summer!

Edit to add- I love that you dont have to jellyroll, I can get such a snug fit around chubby and skinny legs! We never have nasty mush poo escape!

And I am trying not to think about her new prints and 5% off sale right now....

How do you put them on if you don't jelly roll? Just curious...

I also Megaroos!! I only have 2 midrange and 2 premium ATM, but I just got two more midrange from her Mother's Day sale! I'm building my MAR stash slowly...

I have another brand of etpfs in infant size and once DS outgrows those I will sell them to get more midrange megaroos since they should fit for a good long time!

I need to get some pics of DS in them...
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