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Re: bfing a squirmy and fussy newborn - HELP!

First off, don't feel bad if you have to formula feed. I formula fed my daughter after two weeks because she just could not latch on right (same with bottles). But I would try to make it to at least six weeks like everyone else has said. My son is about 8 weeks and he still squirms a bit but not as bad as he used to the first few weeks. Definitely try swaddling I did that with him every time it was time to eat until he got a little bit better. I know each week for the first few weeks i had to really push myself to breastfeed. Sometimes I still get upset when he's upset and want to quit.

Also wait at least 4 weeks before introducing bottle. I made the mistake of introducing a bottle a week after he was born and had a hell of a time getting him back to liking breasts.

As far a a fast let down I know when my let down is strong because its really painful and he actually chokes (and he moves and sprays in his face lol!). If its a strong letdown than you can pump for a few minutes on each breast so its not so strong. anyway good luck mama!
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