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Re: bfing a squirmy and fussy newborn - HELP!

So sorry. We are in the process of the same struggles, so I feel for you. Our son is 3.5 weeks old now. We have seen multiple lactation consultants and things are finally getting better. We had a lot of the same issues. If you choose to stop breastfeeding, no judgement, but did want to offer what helped for us.

1) Jack Newman's nipple cream. You need a prescription from your doctor and get it at a compounding pharmacy. It has lessened my nipple pain to a place where I don't dread nursing as much. You use it after every feeding.

2) The "biological" position. I lay baby in between my boobs on my chest, recline slightly in my rocker, and then shift him to teh boob I will feed him from. I need to pump for a minute or two first to avoid him getting rushed with milk and chocking, but this position has made me SO much more relaxed and I can see his eyes, which makes hte process nicer for me. THe latch still hurts, but the feeding isn't so bad.

Good luck!
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