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I introduced myself a while ago, but I just wanted to share.

I have been cloth diapering for two months now, and it's going super great. I honestly love it. I never thought it would be this easy. And I'm sort of addicted to buying diapers now. I don't have a big stash by any means, but I am building slowly. I started out with three gDiapers, then got three BG 3.0, sold the gDiapers to fund more BG 3.0, then bought some used SweetDoll Baby pockets for super cheap. I then got five super cute minky RoseBudBuns (they are a small company, don't know if anyone knows them), five Nubunz pockets, and one WAHM pocket that I . So I have 19 total. My stash from here on end will probably only grow one diaper at a time, unless I get a super good deal like on the Nubunz. Anyways, that's my cloth diapering story.

Oh, and shipping here hasn't gotten any easier, lol.
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