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Re: Now that Im here in Honolulu...please share where to go for

Originally Posted by HMDocsLady View Post
DANG IT! Just typed a long response and then it wouldn't post.

OK we lived on Kam Highway next to the Stadium so most of our regular places are near there:
Best Pizza - Boston Pizza
Best "Diner" - toss up between Big City Diner and Anna Miller's
Down to Earth also has a store on Kam below Pearl Ridge Plaza across from Anna Miller's
Best Thai - toss up - Opal's Truck in Haleiwa or Soulvey on Kam across from Long's/Zippy's
Best Farmers Market - Haleiwa 9a-1p Sunday (eat bruch there!!!!)
Best Shrimp Truck - Macky's in Haleiwa - Ewa side of town next to the traffic circle - get the Coconut Shrimp
Best Burger - hands down Kiawe Grill on Kam near Anna Miller's
Best Thrift Store - Goodwill on Kam
Best Drive In - Toss up - Rainbow Drive In (in town) or Byron's in front of the airport
Best Kine Supermarket - Safeway - use the store card and preload it with coupons from home online - awesome deals!
Best Fish - Nicco's Pier 38
Best Huli Huli Chicken - the place on Nimitz before Flora Dec - only open weekends....
Best Whale Watching - the park in front of the Children's Discovery Center or Makapu'u Lighthouse. (Makapu'u hike is all paved, but steep.) (Children's Discovery Center is small but fun once every other month or so if it is raining out)

Definately check out BabyAwearness in Manoa. Amazing group of people with great connections.
Also check out the Babywearers meetup that happens the 3rd tuesday of the month at the Caitlin Community center. GREAT mama's with tons to share. We used to go every month then I had YDD and her Dr appointments always happened ast the same time as the meet up.
Bostons pizza is delish! Ive been craving pizza ever since! Also stumbled in to Rainbow drive in, yum!

I was a little disappointed with the haleiwa farmers market. Scored some delicious blueberry banana jam it was fun to people watch and all but I was hoping for more fruits and veggies. Is there another somewhere with more produce?

Can anyone recommend a good hair person? Im a bottle blonde and need help!
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