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Re: Should I stay home?

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
Fourth, you mentioned being tired of putting other kids first...but you can stop that without quitting the jobs. Start treating all of the kids equally-each kid gets their own day to decide the activities. Each kid gets their own day to decide lunch, etc. And, as another poster mentioned, if it's possible, see if you can take the kids at your house. If you aren't at their house to mess it up, it will still stay clean. Since you are already considering quiting, you could put it like "I really need to start watching your children in my own home. If that's not something that is possible, I am going to need to hand in my resignation."

Another compromise to consider...could you quit just one of the jobs, then ask for a raise at the other to try to make up some of the difference in income?
The problem with treating them equally is the nannying is my job. If I put my daughters desires before the desires of the children I'm being paid to entertain, what's stopping my boss from finding someone without a child who will give 100% to kids?

I started the one job recently but have already got a raise. I think in the future I will make more but it's about 300-400 less a month so it will take some time to reach that point.

Originally Posted by Dolphin_Medic View Post
Here's what I would consider -

You have a lot of debt, your jobs are helping you pay off debt. Now, if you quit your job/jobs, would you still be able to pay off debt or would it be a constant struggle? What about working until baby2 is born and then being a SAHM?

Forgive me, I'm an engineer, for me it's an analytical thing...when you work, are you bringing home enough to pay for childcare + pay off debt/bills? When you are a SAHM, you obviously won't be paying childcare, you can work on being thrifty, but is your H's income+your night job enough to cover your debts/bills?
Thank you for posting. I have no schooling and nannying is my career. I wouldn't be able to get a job that would pay enough to make childcare worth it. Nannying is becoming an issue for me as my daughter is getting older because I'm finding more and more she is being put on the back burner so to speak. It's different than having other children of your own that are taking up your time. It's someone else kid getting their hair brushed and proper meals when your child is getting the shaft because there isn't enough time.

The second job I started about 2 months ago and it's full-time in the evenings when DH is home so he watches DD.

Currently, nannying brings in about $1600 a month and the evening job is about $1200 per month. Roughly $300 goes towards bills and the rest is for our debt. Our total debt minus our morgage is $24,000. With working 2 jobs we should have all our debt paid off within a year (Ive added time for unexpected things). But obviously I can't keep this up for another whole year! It's too much. So doing the math, sticking with nannying - debt will be paid off just before 2 years and staying at the night job only will take just over 2 years.

So in short the things to consider when offering me advice (haha, this sounds HORRIBLE but I talk way to much so summaries help lol) is

1. sticking with nannying and the night job wont allow me the time to work on getting myself healthy so we can TTC baby #2. I'll have to work my tail off, then stop completely to get healthly and will lose my EI (Employment insurance when I get pregnant) which is about $12,000. BUT debt will be paid off in a year.

2. Sticking with nannying makes me extermely unhappy but allows evening time for DH and I everynight. But again I'm still putting a million things a head of my DD and my family because I'm taking care of others. I will collect EI when pregnant which will be about $12,000.

3. Working nights means less time with DH, takes a bit longer to pay off debt but allows me to be with DD all day, focusing on her, us and our family. I will collect EI but it will be about $10,000.

I need to make my decision today. Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated!!!!

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." -- Ambrose Redmoon
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