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Originally Posted by Dolphin_Medic
Here's what I would consider -

You have a lot of debt, your jobs are helping you pay off debt. Now, if you quit your job/jobs, would you still be able to pay off debt or would it be a constant struggle? What about working until baby2 is born and then being a SAHM?

Forgive me, I'm an engineer, for me it's an analytical thing...when you work, are you bringing home enough to pay for childcare + pay off debt/bills? When you are a SAHM, you obviously won't be paying childcare, you can work on being thrifty, but is your H's income+your night job enough to cover your debts/bills?
This is a good analytical approach, but for some people it really just isn't possible to work 84 hours a week and stay healthy. Especially if there are mental health issues in play. So to just crunch the numbers and live by that can really send someone over the edge...

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