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Re: Anyone gone into labor without many signs it was coming?

Yes. Both times for me I've had no real signs, and then had the baby the next day.

DD1: Had membranes stripped, zero signs of labour, went to bed at 11:30pm, woke up at 12:30 with painful contractions 2-3 minutes apart, born 5.5 hours later. 40+2.

DD2: Woke up with a few cramps and bloody show, so got my bags packed. Contractions started around 2:30pm, had her 6 hours later. 39+0.

But in both cases prior to labor I really had no signs that anything was happening. When I had my membranes done I was 3cm dilated though (my first cervical exam) and the midwife said she was pretty sure i would go into labour soon so I was expecting it to happen. With DD2 I had no exams because i wasn't overdue but at 36 weeks had an ultrasound to check on low-lying placenta, and she told me my cervix was very short, so I probably would have her a little early rather than late.

Have you considered getting your membranes stripped again? For me it's really one of those things you do when you are a little overdue already, I wouldn't do it early, but I think if your body just needs a little push it can work.

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