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Re: Anyone gone into labor without many signs it was coming?

I'm similar to pp. Nothing much exciting. Never dilated much past 1cm. Woke up at 3am with contractions with all 3 kids and then had them that day. I did lose the mucous plug with all 3, week or two before, but I know many don't or don't notice.

Ds#1 I had contractions a week before but was false labor

Ds#3 Membranes stripped and did feel contractions that night(10pm) but really didn't start until the 3am and I knew they were for real.

Honestly I know of friends who were 3cm dilated for weeks and meant nothing and one never even dilated fully(c/s) and then I was barely a 1cm with all 3 and labor begins as it should.

I also walked and cleaned like a crazy person(scubbed floors, bathroom tile) the day of membrane stripping to "help" get it going if possible.

Good Luck! I hope little babes is ready to come out really soon for you!
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