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Re: Symptoms with boy or girl?

I've got 2 boys and my pregnancies were completely different as far as symptoms. With Z, I didn't have much morning sickness at all, just aversions to greasy foods, and craved lots of carbs (mac & cheese, mashed potatoes). With N, I had m/s so bad I lost weight. I never threw up, but it was bad enough that I didn't want to eat, but not eating made it worse. I craved veggies with him... veggies I didn't like too.

With Z, I didn't have much back pain, but with N I did, and I am with this one too, but that all comes down to how Z was positioned during pregnancy and ultimately his birth too. I was told with N that I would always have that issue in future pregnancies. It feels like someone is literally sitting on top of my tailbone/bottom of my spine.

One thing that is different for me with this one is I'm freezing! But I'm always cold this time of year... when it's not quite warm enough to not have the heater on, but cold enough and rainy. Ick!
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