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Re: Am I overprotective?

I don't think that's being overprotective. My first didn't spend the night away until about 18 months...and that was AGAINST my wishes (well, i allowed it, but really didn't want to)...i was pressured into it because dh kept saying that ds1 needed to be familiar with spending the night away for when I went into the hospital to give birth to ds2. Turned out to be completely unecessary....but ds1 loves to stay over at MIL's...HOWEVER...i disagree with her "parenting philosophies" as well....l never bring up him spending the night over there and she rarely asks anymore since he's getting older and into the terrible two's....her patience is wearing incredibly thin and I think she just doesn't want to deal with him...which is FINE with me. He's been over there a handful of times. Ds2 had to stay with them at 7mo because I was with ds1 in the hospital overnight. He's only been overnight that one time and he was asleep nearly the whole time (which must've been the one time in his 10 months that he's slept decently).


I think MIL thinks I'm overprotective, but I don't think there's ANYTHING wrong with it! When he's older, he'll want to be away plenty....while he's young and doesn't have a choice, I'm keeping him with me Goes for both of them!
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