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Re: What do I need for my hospital bag?

I second the make up idea. You are going to be immortalized forever in photos, you may as well not look like you just went through the wringer I also brought my blow dryer and flat iron. I always feel better if I look better. I loved having cozy items like nice pj's and slippers. This time around I am bringing mama cloth and buying big ol' cotton boy short panties. It is a good time to pamper your bits, they did a lot of work for you Toss everything in one big bag so dh is loaded down like pack mule when you are finally able to leave. I was ok on food but maybe because I had dd in a southern hospital they feed me SO WELL. I got biscuits, gravy, eggs - the works for breakfast and they brought snacks and it always seemed like I just finished eating when they were bring more

Oh and mind what you eat, I had broccoli pasta my dh made me and my little 6 pound girl could clear the room, kwim?
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