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**Rules For Using the Free For Shipping Forum**

When offering items in the FFS forum, you must only charge actual shipping cost plus dc (.19 if you print the label via Paypal or .80 if you mail via the post office). You can also add in the fees paypal will charge by using the paypal fee calculator found here.

Sending priority, you can use a free flat rate envelope, flat rate small/medium/large box. DC is free when sending priority if printing the label online and .65 if you take it to the post office.

You can not charge for supplies unless you have to go buy them, if you have polymailers at home, you can not charge for using one. They are only about .08 each.

You can not charge for packing/handling or for gas to get to the post office.

If you have any questions,feel free to contact a member of the Admin/Mod Team.

By using our FFS area, you agree to these rules.

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