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Re: TTC while BFing GRADS & Greats!!!

Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post
Marie: I just wanted to thank you for posting your account of your miscarriage. It was really helpful for me. I just experienced my first miscarriage at 9.5 weeks. I did end up choosing to have a D&C yesterday, but I was already starting to pass tissue (though I didn't see anything big - the dr said it was about to come). It really helped me to understand what to expect if I chose to miscarry naturally. In the end, I decided it was too much for me to handle, especially with my daughter around. The good news is, I feel pretty good today - no cramping and almost no bleeding. I hope you get your BFP this cylce! My RE wants me to wait until I have 2 periods before trying. And since I don't feel comfortable trying again without clomid or femara, I think I'm going to have to wait that long.

I'm so sorry you lost the baby.

I'm glad that reading about my experiences helped you to know what was coming and to be able to somewhat prepare yourself for what was about to happen to you. I remember being TOTALLY unprepared with my first miscarriage and every time I think of it I still get nightmares. It was like a horror movie to me. I discovered my baby was not alive very suddenly and there was blood and pain and it was just horrible because I had NO idea what to expect. This time around the whole event was just as emotional, but not as traumatic because between having had a miscarriage before and having experienced a live birth before (the processes are eerily similar), I knew what to expect from my body and what to look for. I am glad that writing about my experience allowed you to take some of the trauma out of it and to be prepared. :bighugs:

My doctor told me to wait 2 cycles, but ALL of the research I've done says that the earlier you get pregnant the more likely your embryo will be healthy since your body is prepped for pregnancy. Plus, I didn't want to waste the post-pregnancy added fertility. So, I decided to just flip the bird to the doc if I get pregnant and he tries to lecture me. We waited to TRY until I'd had one period, but had an "oops" that didn't result in a baby---my cycle was anovulatory because of a burst ovarian cyst instead of my ovary releasing an egg. From all the medical journals and articles I read last month, it seems like docs tell you 2-3 months because it helps them figure out how far along you are or something like that. So, I didn't wait. It is, of course, a personal decision that we must all make for ourselves (like the natural vs d&c decision). So, just decide what you think is best for you.

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