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Re: Terrible twos

I'm almost out the other side and onto something else.

One thing I found that helps is I ask if my daughter would like help as opposed to just jumping in and doing for her. Sometimes she'll say yes she needs help and sometimes she'll forge ahead on her own. It's amazing what a complex little person she is. I give her as many choices as possible, and I often tell her that she doesn't have to do ______ if she doesn't want to.

I do have rules though. Just today she told me she wanted to go outside. I told her that that meant getting dressed. She didn't want to get dressed. I told her then that she didn't have to get dressed right away, but she couldn't go outside naked. She knows this already of course, but she likes to be sure of her boundaries and checks them pretty often. Doesn't bother me, I've developed a patience for being consistent for her.
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