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Re: TTC while BFing GRADS & Greats!!!

Well My OB said just to wait until you get 1 period. So I do believe that is likely fine. That said, I'm not convinced my miscarriage wasn't due to poor egg quality on my part so I do think I need to be on a drug to stimulate my ovaries next time I get pregnant or I will be terrified that I am just setting myself up to miscarry again. Can't prove that for sure - maybe this time was a fluke. But based on a couple test results that point to possible premature ovarian failure, my RE does think I should be on meds too. That said, I don't know if my OB will give me the meds for me to start after my first period. I may have to wait and get a scrip from my RE - which means I have no choice but to wait. I do plan to ask my OB and see though.

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