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Re: Shower Gifts GALORE!!!!! What do you think?

Originally Posted by naturegirl7
How do I get a friend like you?!?!

Your friend is soooo lucky! I actually created a registry and everything and all I got at my shower was a package of Gerber prefolds and pins. Atleast the thought was there though!

And I must ask - HOW did you get your DH to knit!

Enjoy that shower tomorrow - and show all those nonsupportive people just how cool CDing is now!
Yeah, none of her other friends would even think of buying her cd's because all they do is tell her she's being stupid for cd-ing, especially having twins! So, this is what I've been spending my weekly allowance on for months now
How did I get my dh to knit.....well, I wanted to learn and couldn't figure it out by reading directions, but he's GREAT at learn9ing things that way, so he learned and then taught me! So now we knit together in the's really nice!
Yeah, maybe I'll convert a few other mamas there
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