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Re: What to do with Dirties?

I'm jsut starting on this whole CD experience but this is what I have done so far:

1) even in a sposie you are supposed to dump out the poo and flush it down -- totally impossible with nb poo, but when they get older you should and boy does it get stinky..

2) with the pooh I use a fleece liner and roll off the doodie. For peanut butter poos I use toilet paper, if its really bad (and I have a 14 month old so its different, I did CD for a new born) I have dunked... way easier to just wipe it off and then throw it in the bag.

3) to store b/4 I wash (and I only have a p/t stash so I wash every day) I have a wet bag that I just hang on a hook... so far no leakage, but I dont' ahve soaked diaps in there.

4) to wash I do the cold rinse first, if I have a nasty one in there i let that sit for a bit before it spins out (just keep the lid open and it wont spin on mine)

Its been a lot easier than I ever would imagined it to be. I was totally overwhelmed researching it and all but once I finally just bought some diaps and a few pins and now a snappi I'm lovin' it.
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