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Re: Acronym really bothering me

Originally Posted by Mamma527 View Post
Ok so I heard the acronym FTM Full Time Mom the other day for the first time. It has really been bothering me. Aren't we all full time moms. Just because I go to work doesn't mean I stop being a mom. When their kids go to school are they no longer a FTM since they aren't with their kids all day?

I'm usually very laid back and things like this don't usually bother me, but this one really got under my skin. Thanks for letting me vent.
I have actually used this term when talking to some of my family members. I call my sister and my BIL a Monday-Friday mom/dad. What I mean is, every friday after school, my niece goes to a grandparent or close relative for the night. My sister gets her Saturday around noon for about 5 hours, then takes her to another relative and gets her Sunday just before dinner time and takes her home. During the week, my sister is a gymnastics coach, so my mom picks up my niece from school and keeps her until my sister gets off work then she picks her up. My BIL is home during all of these times and chooses not to take my niece because "she gets in the way of his relaxation time". She has no idea what it is like to be a full time mom. She has never had to do it before.
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