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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Melissa - Congratulations!!! LOVE the tandem nursing pic, so sweet!

I have . . . a TODDLER! *sob* Alex is toddling all over the house (usually 15-20 steps before he plops down and crawls). He's a toddler, not an infant - eeeeeeeeeek!!!! The combination of Alex walking and being 1 and getting into everything and a friend having a squishy newborn almost makes me want a new one. I said almost. Course, I still haven't gotten my IUD (timing just hasn't lined up) and DH and I had an "oops" a few days ago, so there's a possibility I might get one anyway. LOL I seriously doubt it, I think I was a good 4-5 days past my O date.
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