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Re: Nursing Photo (CONTAINS NUDITY)

i have to agree with ravenonyx here. i see nothing sexual about it. her legs arent spread eagle. its more of a natural pose your legs would fall into when laying on your back. i nurse very often in that exact position (including the annoying pinching of the other nipple) because of my sons acrobatics and i know my knees are never ever together. its just not a natural/comfortable way to lay... on your back with your knees together. and the look on her face is just tired and frustrated.

i love all nursing pics and have tons myself as its such a huge part of our lives i think it should be documented like everything else, but this shows a different side to nursing. a side not many of us want to admit to, but i know i dont gaze lovingly at ds every time he nurses, the entire time he nurses. that like saying the only pics of a mom and child should be happy beautiful times when they are full of joy. ya sure, cuz that is just totally representative of how a normal day goes in the life of a mom.
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