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Re: Nursing Photo (CONTAINS NUDITY)

Has anyone brought up the fact that perhaps this is exactly the button the photographer was hoping to push?

Is it not possible to be sexual and a mother at the same time? How much more of a picture of motherliness can you get than one of breastfeeding? How much more sexual can you get than spread legs and naked torso? Can we not be both? Is it obscene that the child is nursing when mother is nude/in a sexual pose? Is that not the juxtaposition the photographer wants to picture: the innocence of the child nursing and the innocent sexuality of nudity? How sexual is too sexual? Is it obscene if a mother is involved in intercourse while child is nursing (not in a picture, but in her own home)? Is it obscene that intercourse may be interrupted so that mother can nurse, and then resume sexual activity? Is it obscene that a mother may think nursing feels good and so has a "sexual" look on her face and relaxed leg pose?

I think the point IS to make us think about sexuality and motherhood.
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