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Re: Holy Dye Batman! Dylon LWI - dye galore!

Originally Posted by jessi4jc View Post
Cross posting this here:
(From Craft Chat)

I am going to use Takara Baby's LWI technique using Dylon as an easy project for my kids and I. I do not want to use Procion for this, I want to use Dylon because it is much easier for an 8 and a 10 year old. And me.

They have shirts and towels and the like to dye.

I have flats. And once dyed the flats will be embellished with fabric. How do I ensure that the flat does not bleed onto the fabric embellishment?
Dylon (especially the cold water or Permanent Dylon) definitely has the edge over Procion when it comes to ease of use. My 4 year old daughter dyed a couple old tank tops of hers and LOVES them. So, I think your little ones are going to have a blast!

NOw, for bleeding - definitely make sure you are purchasing the PERMANENT Dylon. It will say on the package that it is permanent and the ingredients will list soda ash. If you purchase and use Permanent Dylon, there should be little to no bleeding after the wash and rinse. If you are concerned that you have a dark color (and those tend to bleed a bit more), you can wash your fabric a couple times after dyeing it. I recommend when you are taking the fabric out of the dyebath, you rinse it thoroughly in cold water. Then wash on hot - the hot water will help draw out excess dye. Do a second hot wash and maybe throw in an old white towel or tshirt so you can gauge whether or not the fabric needs to be washed again if it bleeds.
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