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Re: Is Goats Rue really safe to boost supply?

Originally Posted by "mommysmilkisyummy" View Post
Hi everyone! I am currently BF my 9 month old, she has been BF exclusively since birth, no formula. We started solids/table food at around 6 months and I've noticed my supply has dropped. It doesn't seem that she's getting the majority of her nutrition from the BM now, as she is from the regular food. I'd really like to turn that around but I don't want to stop feeding her solids. I heard in a natural mama group that Goats Rue (aka French Lilac, Holy Hay) is really great at increasing milk supply as well as increasing breast size and acting as a diuretic. However, I can't seem to find much more information about it.
Has anyone tried it? Are there any side effects I should be aware of. I'm a little concerned about it lowering blood sugar, I'm not diabetic but I do feel it if my sugar is low sometimes because of a skipped meal or something.
Any information and advice would be helpful and appreciated! Thanks!
MotherLove sells goats rue capsules and puts it in a few of their other products for milk supply increasing. They have an awesome site - here's a link to their goats rue page:

I took one of their tinctures (More Milk Plus) that had goats rue in it and I noticed a way bigger increase with it versus taking the other ingredients without goats rue. It works really well for me. Goats rue is actually the go-to milk increaser (galactogogue) in Europe from the research I've done. HTH!
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