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Re: question about freezing meals

The meat thing depends.... If you start out with meat that has never been frozen, you can freeze uncooked. If its been frozen and thawed and then you make the meal, you need to cook it before refreezing.

What I do is cook all meat before freezing and I never notice any type of "leftover" taste kwim?. You could make mini meat loaves so they are easier to thaw and "cook" when you want to use them for dinner.

I think I remember reading that you can freeze dough, but I'm not sure at which point...before/after rising. I'll have to check, I know its in one my cookbooks around here lol What we normally do though, is make the dough, roll out the crusts and parbake them and freeze. That way we just take them out, put the toppings on and it all cooks in perfect timing. If you didn't parbake before freezing you would probably have to do that anyway before adding toppings, otherwise your toppings would probably overcook - thats what happened to ours.

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