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Re: How do you promote your business?

Honestly, if you want a good solid following for a long time to come place a personal focus on your customers. It "can" be preceived that if you are doing give aways that your product is crap. There is old school and there is new school. Have you noticed all the bloggers who have children 4 and under and they did not start wearing diapers on their children until two years ago, yet they are experts and have all the answers. I feel it sets the stage for a lot of unreliable feedback and makes it even more confusing for those trying to enter into the cloth diapering communities and routines. You can get a quick return of short term fizzle out customers who only want your freebies or you can build a solid clietel from marketing a reputable product back up by honest purchased feedback.

Consumer report pays for the products they review. I don't give my products to any bloggers or draw business from giving things away. I will give them a product if they are not using it themselves but the feedback must come from a third and unbias party only. Usually I don't hear from those who have solicited me for free product because their blogs are geared towards self ego and self fullfillment of getting free stuff. People who follow the words of such bloggers imo are foolish.

If I am going to have someone drop money on my artisan fine craft I want it to be for the quality of product I bring forth not based upon the empty feedback from an excited freebie winner.

Food for thought, how do you want to develop your business? Its your choice, I am just offering the other side of things that many don't or won't post about, but yet they talk about it in other places.

I don't have anything else to offer other than banner placement and having a facebook page and website for people to refer too. Many things have changed here since I was here years ago, how people approach marketing a business has also changed and I am no longer a souce of info here, only observations and thought.
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