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Re: Bummed out...advice?

Originally Posted by cumorah_hill View Post
Yeah the $20 was what round trip shipping would have been (I spent $10 to ship to her). I charged $50 total for all these things, and besides they are trainers for a 2 year old who is potty training.
sounds like the 2 year old fully potty trained and telling you they did not fit is an easy way around the useless purchase. just my thought.

in the past I have never seen wahms pay for shipping back to them. Unforturnately as the market because saturated people began to give everything as a way to sell their product now these actions have set the stage that the manufacturer has limited footing to stand firm behind a purchase such as your $100.00 one recently.

I would offer to refund + delivery confirmation cost when she paid to ship them back. Domumenting the shippment of course. And when the product was received I would sell it back off. You will make your money off of that sale at that price.

Sorry she did this, I wish I could say it has a legit feel to it, but I can't, something feels off about it and not trustworthy.

I hope you get the product back, selll it off and make more from the resale!
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