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Re: Nursing Photo (CONTAINS NUDITY)

Originally Posted by dbassett View Post
It wasn't working for me when I originally posted. I found a link to the pic elsewhere in this thread. Photobucket removed it.

Photobucket has been removing any breastfeeding picture they find. I find it amusing since I'm uploading a WHOLE bunch right now. If they remove them I'll make a scene.

OMH!! you've got to be kidding me.. How dare them. I don't understand how people 'think' they have the right to host a public photocenter and then tell mothers/familys that they can not have precious,beuatiful,tasteful pictures. I mean I understand that they can lead to pediphiles etc, but if you have them in your private photobucket account the who the hell can they take it away..

I can understand when it's being posted on other sites for the public to see. I think that they have to cover their bums then, but to go and take others pictures who are not publiclly sharing these pictures is just STUPID and RUDE!! I would be making a scene as well. I have bfing pics on my photobucket, and while they are not as graphic as the other pic that was posted up, they are personal and very precious to me. I think that they should be more concerned about other peoples pictures. I have seen some prety filthy nasty pictures from photobucket. Even young teens naked and being used as sex symbols.

I have read everyones posts about the original picture on this thread and I can only think that this woman was posed in a sexual way, and had a sexual look on her face that was not motherly at all. I can however understand the art veiws of a picture like this, but I do not think it should have been her right to take it unpon herself and post it up on her myspace (weather it was her or not). I think that this is a picture that should be kept private in your own home (maybe professonal art gallary). I would never subject myself/family to that kind of publicity. It just (to me) says hey sickos look at us.. EXPECIALLY on myspace were there are soooo soooo many pediphiles to worrie about. If I was not able to have my myspace private I would never have one.

I'm kinda upset that I can not view this picture. But at the same time I'm glad. I think (by reading everyones posts) that I would just be looking at another person seaking attention in the worng way.
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