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Advice? To try castor oil or not?!

So I'm only a little overdue... But here's my dilemma... I started maternity leave just a few day before my due date and I only get 7 weeks off. I really really want to be with my baby as much as possible it breaks my heart already that I have to leave her at only 6 weeks of age not to mention if I go longer and she will be even littler!
So I scheduled an induction for 41weeks (which is Monday) but I was induced with my first and it was really hard! I just so badly want her to come on her own and for labor to be natural...

So I'm heart broken and torn between between wanting a great birth experience and getting to spend time with my new baby...

I'm using EPO, DTD, walking, rrl, and I had my membranes stripped on tuesday... So would should I try castor oil or no...
I'm thinking maybe this weekend because if I don't go by then I'm getting induced anyways...

Thanks for the advice mamas!
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