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Re: How do you promote your business?

I think it's all about getting the word out. You have to get people to use your product and give feedback. Most WAHM products and sold by word of mouth, that's one of the great things about our community. I partially agree with PP but from a marketing stand point MOST big business give out samples. For instance, GroVia is doing a test group right now. i paid $3.50+shipping for a secret product from a brand I might not have tried had it not been a good deal that was hard to pass up. They're sending a feedback form too. This is a win win because they get feedback but when they release the product all those moms who were testers will be able to encourage other mamas to buy that product.

As far as promoting your product, look for local boutiques, Farmer's markets, advertise for free on craigstlist, etc. It's also good to give incentives to people who give referrals.
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