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Re: Best diaper for dads?

My son was 10lbs 9 oz and we used the BG 4.0 pockets from the beginning. That is a great part of having a big baby; they fit into one size dipes quicker.
We are just using pockets (sunbaby - which are a bit smaller and fit DS great, BG 4.0, and smartipants) until he gets a tad bigger and fits into the flips a bit better.

My husband has only changed one cloth diaper in 8 weeks, and it was a pocket! It's a good thing I'm still home on maternity leave! He's going to have to learn quick when I go back to work and he's home all summer from school, because I'm not buying more sposies. I keep just enough for night time in the house, but DS is almost big enough to use a larger pocket double stuffed which will hopefully contain leaks.

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