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Please complete my survey!

I still don't have a favorite diaper! Variety is the spice of life, I suppose

However, there are certain brands of diapers that have been consistently reliable for me and others that have not held up nearly as well as I would have hoped over a year or even 6 months of use.

I noticed that on Diaper Pin most of the ratings are by people who haven't owned their diapers for very long at all. I'm usually in love with every new diaper that I buy, for a little while at least

I think it would be nice if someone did a survey of people who had owned their diapers for more than a few moths, to rate "longevity", long-term "reliability", or something to that effect. I think that would have helped guide some of my decisions from the outset, and that may apply to other buyers as well.

To that end, please complete my survey. I'm really hoping that the results will be helpful to other parents who are hoping to buy diapers that can last through PLing and hopefully through a second child as well!

If you want the results of the survey in the next week or two, please PM me as I believe to publish them here would violate DS rules. I will also publish the results on my blog.

If you have any suggestions to add/ change questions on the survey, please let me know.
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