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Re: Nitrous for birth

There was a thread about this just last week.

I used it in my first labour and it was helpful to take the edge off, but it doesn't remove the pain by any measure. I think it's a great drug as a first choice, obviously if you can go without it all the better but if the choice is between this and fentanyl or epi, it's far far safer and has no toxic effects on the baby. It is freely available in most western countries other than the US, my mom used it when she had one of my sisters in South Africa in the 80s, and when I was a labour coach for my friend a few months ago it was piped into all the labour rooms in Australia. All she had to do was mention 'I'm not coping, I need something'... and the midwife walked over to the wall, turned it on and gave it to her. At that point she was far too late for an epi anyway and it did help her get through the pain as well. You can be breathing it while on a birthing ball, in any position and it is a great method in my opinion if you just want a low level of relief. Plus because the effects are gone almost immediately if you decide not to use it it's totally gone from your body right away.
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