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Hi, my name is Mary. I'm new to DS and very interested in Cd'ing. Still working on convincing my hubby.
I live in Jeffersonville, In BUT still consider myself a Ky girl. I can see Louisville by driving 2 blocks from my house and everytime I'm driving south in my town.
I was born in raised in Jessamine Co (Nicholasville) and moved here in Dec 2005 for my husband's job. I have 3 boys - 9, 5,and 14wks. We drove across the river so that our last 2 sons would be born in Ky like the rest of us (couldn't stand the thought of them not, thankfully on a 15min drive to the hospital).

@Dagmomma- I can't really answer the rest of your questions except for the ob one. I've used 2 practices in Louisville. Both are located in the Norton's Women Pavilion which is attached to the Norton Suburban Hospital. Total Woman and AOG (Associates of Obstetrics and Gynecology. I liked the doctors in both, although I think Total Woman was nicer and posher. Its all female docs and they do everything there, including maternity massages and skin treatments. Had to switch due to insurance changes. AOG took really good care of me as well and had a super friendly staff who remembered me each time. I really enjoyed my birthing experiences at Norton Suburban Hospital. Everyone, including housekeeping and dietary are friendly and helpful. They are focusing on keeping baby with the mom at all times, as much as possible, unless there is a medical problem or mom requests the baby go back to the nursery. Added bonus, the food is really
Sorry lots of info but I couldn't PM because this is my first time on here and I don't have 5 posts yet. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want more info on the docs and hospital.
Just started looking for cd stores so I don't have much info. There is a store called Hip Mama I think that sells them. They have a website. My local Meijers has some too (covers and soakers), don't remember the name of the brand though. I was surprised to see them.
Always lots of activities going on in and around Louisville!
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