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Re: My dad forgot what it's like to have kids

Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
MY DAD IS THE SAME WAY! The weird thing is that he loves children and babies and spends as much time with them as possible, but he doesn't get the 24-hour responsibility aspect of it. And he also doesn't get pregnancy at all. He seriously cannot wrap his head around the fact that bodies change during pregnancy. I'm sorry I'm hijacking your thread, but this was a conversation I'd had with my father during my last pregnancy. (For backstory, he's a professional conspiracy theorist. Yes, that's a thing.):

Dad: Hey sweetie! Do you want to go to Dallas with me for the JFK convention? It's this weekend!

Me: Oh, thanks for the offer Dad, but I'm like, 32 weeks pregnant and can't really travel that far.

Dad: There are lots of hospitals along the way if you go into labor or something.

Me: No, it's not that. I just can't really sit in your van from New Orleans to Dallas when I'm this pregnant.

Dad: I'll put a mattress in the back of the van. You can lie down the whole time.

Me: no, that's okay. Besides, I'd have to use the bathroom several times along the way, and it's not like this would be a very pleasant journey.

Dad: I'll put a portable potty next to the mattress.

Me: Have fun at your convention, Dad!
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