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Re: JULY 2010 chat

I have used prefolds with a snappi and thirsties duos cover since we started CDing at 3 months. Recently I've found Sunbaby diapers they are pockets and have slowly been converting most of my stash over to them, but I'll still use prefolds at night. Sunbabys have worked pretty well for us so far and they have a lot of cute patterns, for $4.30 a piece through co ops I'm pretty much sold on them.
DS has been taking quite a few falls lately also, including out of bed twice, fortunately I learned from his first fall out of bed onto the carpeted floor and put two pillows next to my side of the bed, about a week later he fell onto the pillows... I'm (very slowly) working on getting him to sleep in his crib, he slept in there the other night for two hours, I was happy with that.
We've also started to work with a potty with him. This morning he pooped and peed in the potty! In about the last week hes only had maybe one time he hasn't peed in the potty in the morning. I'm not pushing him too hard, but am thrilled with the little successes we've had so far.
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